Welcome to Ruffin and Associates
Ruffin And Associates is an independent manufacturer’s sales agency that has
focused completely on the electric utility industry, including investor owned utilities,
rural electric cooperatives and municipal systems. Serving the geographical market
area of Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana, the personnel of the
agency all have extensive prior experience which qualifies them to aid customers in
problem solutions.

With over thirty years experience and representing the premier manufacturers of
lighting and poles, high voltage electrical connectors, conductors, insulators and
associated products, Ruffin And Associates is positioned to assist customers in all
areas of operations. Our staff has a combined experience level of over 125 years in
the electrical utility and manufacturing industry.

Click the links on the product lines tab to find more information from our manufacturer
principals, and please feel free to contact us at
Ruffin and Associates
P.O. Box 11449
Memphis, TN 38111