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Product Highlight:          Smart Grid Sensors
The Problem with Peak

* Instant Supply and Demand
o Electricity must be consumed the moment it's generated
o "Peak demand for electricity is projected to...grow by 19% over the
next decade;... currently committed capacity is projected to grow only
be 6%." The Brattle Group, May 2007
* Must Minimize Peak loads
o Ensure reliability
o Reduce cost of "Spot" market pricing
* Grid Sentry's Smart Grid Sensor can Help
o Greater visibility into the system
o Identify inefficiencies
o Enabling operators to control distribution
o Minimizes the need for peak purchasing
o Drives down overall costs
o Power Quality Measurements
o Answers to load distribution NOW!

Distribution Automation Benefits

* Overall Grid Intelligence Benefits
o Continuous load monitoring
o Improved load forecasting
o Accurate facility planning
o Energy conservation
o Outage notifications (ie, Hydraulic reclosers)
o Accurate conductor temperatures

* Improved Operations & Maintenance
o Load balancing and phase balancing
o Real-time fault detection
o Improved capacity utilization
o Reduce restoration time

* Other Benefits
o Streamlined design
o Environmentally friendly
o Easy to install
o No battery replacements
o Long term solution

* Future Benefits of Product Enhancements
o Reduction in forced outages/interruptions
o Reduced blackout probability
o Transformer failure prediction
o Line deterioration detection and localization

* Security
o Power theft detection
o Detection of terrorist or natural disasters
Ruffin and Associates
P.O. Box 11449
Memphis, Tn 38111

MVR Molded Vacuum Reclosers

Reclosers are the workhorses of distribution automation. Reclosers
reduce outage duration and frequency, lower operating costs, and
improve customer service and overall system reliability. The
Elastimold® Molded Vacuum Recloser (MVR) raises the standard of
recloser performance by incorporating state-of-the-art vacuum-
interrupter technology with the field-proven Elastimold® solid-dielectric
insulating system and a long-life operating mechanism and magnetic
actuator system. The Elastimold® MVR reclosers are compatible with
the industry standard Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Controls.

Smart — Our reclosers are Smart Grid ready with three integral load-
side voltage sensors and provision to add source-side voltage
sensors, if desired.

Light — The three-phase Elastimold® reclosers weigh 33% less than
existing typical units due to a fully solid-dielectric design incorporating
unique diaphragm technology.

Flexible — Elastimold® reclosers are modular, so field upgrades and
retrofits are easy and fast.

Innovative — Highly visible position indicator with simple and compact
magnetic actuator mechanism.
Looking at LED Lighting for your Utlility System, then look no further.
American Electric Lighting (AEL) is the premier leader in LED lighting
for the utility market. With over 60 years focused in the lighting
industry, AEL's designs cater to the needs and requirements of the
utility, requirements like appropriate surge protection, proper heat
dissipation, toolless entry, standard PE controls and smart controls.

For more information, please click on the following link for a complete
listing of LED offerings that will accommodate your needs.

American Electric Lighting